Cube Gift Boxes

Unique collection of luxury quality Cube Gift Boxes available in 100mm, 125mm and 200mm Cube = 4", 5" and just under 8". 

Ideal for individual cupcakes and muffins, sweets, candles, decorative baubles, lingerie, mugs, favours and gift hampers.

The below collection images are not to scale in relation to each other, so please check the individual product pages for full size information.

All cube boxes have a sideways folding construction with sticky patches to secure the base and magnetic snap shut front closure.

Slot Boxes are being added to the range so now you can change the ribbon if you'd like, or use your own. The box is supplied with a length of matching colour ribbon so you don't have to do anything, they look great as they are. 

See our Ribbon Collection for alternative ribbon colours available to purchase.

All our boxes can be personalised with your own custom printed or embossed logo. See our Printing Page for more information or contact Nigel Taylor our Print Manager for a quotation on your specific needs: