Medium Lift Off Lid Folding Gift Boxes

Medium Lift Off Lid Gift Boxes are a new, unique and incredibly clever folding rigid gift box with a separate over fitting lift off lid.

So many customers have asked for a traditional style lift off lid gift box that we set to work creating a box that offers all the space saving advantages of a folding box but with the same luxury quality, appeal and appearance of a rigid lift off lid box.

They take up a quarter of the space of a traditional rigid box! That's a huge advantage for many businesses operating from home, or that need to minimise expensive storage costs.

The base box pops up in seconds and stays completely rigid by securing the sticky corners. 

Supplied with the base folded completely flat and sitting within the depth of the lid. When assembled the lid can sit under the base for retail product display, or as a traditional over-fitting separate lid closure as you'd expect. 

The rigid 2.7mm thickness board is covered throughout in matt paper with finishes and lamination as specified for each product. The inside lid is the same colour as the box, so no ugly white lid linings! 

These boxes are ideal for a custom printed, foil blocked or embossed logo to the lid. See our Printing Page for more information or contact Nigel Taylor our Print Manager with your specific details: