Two Part Lift Off Lid Gift Boxes

New, completely unique and incredibly clever two piece traditional style Lift off Lid Gift Boxes.

This new box has a folding base that sits completely within the 30mm depth lift off lid. Ideal for retail product display as the lid can sit under the base. 

Offering the great combination of a traditional style luxury rigid box with the huge space saving advantages of a folding box. 

We also have unique two-part Wave Boxes that offer great flexibility to mix and match the various lid colours with three base colours. Perfect to coordinate, contrast or compliment your brand or product colours. 

The Wave base folds flat and has three concealed magnets on each long side with corresponding concealed magnets in the lid to affix the two together. The lid can also affix under the base of the box for retail display presentation purposes.

Adding ribbon is recommended if you are using this box for heavier products in order to add security to the lid.

* A4 Mailing Carton fits Wave Boxes.

All boxes, including Lift Off Lid and Wave Box Lids are suitable for custom printing your logo. See our Printing Page for more information or contact Nigel Taylor our Print Manager with your specific requirements: