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Covid-19 Statement

Over the past 10 years Foldabox has pursued socially conscious and environmentally friendly policies, so when the Covid virus hit the UK we were already working remotely, at home, on Zoom, with laptops, in casual clothes, and in multiple locations. We have long believed that an improved quality of life brings many health and productivity benefits, so very fortunately for us, the virus had very little impact on the way we work. One of us has long wintered in Spain Jan-March, which is fortunately now possible again, and another can be found in Gibraltar for several weeks of the year. One of us is permanently based in Ireland. So we work at home, as we have for many years, with the added benefit of minimising our carbon footprint.

Our company philosophy has always been to take advantage of the latest developments in technology to provide us all with the greatest flexibility and work/life balance. Our goal when starting Foldabox was to have a business that could be run from anywhere and ideally the local coffee shop. That dream was realised several years ago and though the option of the coffee shop wasn't possible for much of 2020/21, we were at least able to transition to the new world order without any system changes.

We are also happy to say that our warehouse has remained open and functional throughout the entire crisis. This has been achieved by implementing immediate safeguards prior to the March 2020 official lock-down, ongoing vigorous hygiene practices and the highest level of virus prevention protocols in line with government guidelines. Warehouse staff work in shifts and practice regular hand-washing and sanitising. To date we are very pleased to report no infections affecting our ability to remain operational.  We’re incredibly grateful to everyone for their on-going personal commitment and super-human effort in working under the most challenging of circumstances. Without them we would have been unable to function.

We also hope that you are remaining optimistically cautious during this ongoing period of uncertainly. 

These have been incredibly destabilising times, even with restrictions lifted, the new ‘norm’ still feels like the aftermath of a bad science fiction film. We hope that if anything good can come out of the past nightmare two years that it will be a greater sense of unity, patience, understanding, support for one another and kindness to each other and our planet.

Please continue to support small businesses during these ongoing economic difficulties. The wake of Covid will be felt for a long time to come and we/they need your support as much now as ever before.

If you have any specific concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: