5 packaging design trends to unwrap

Packaging design is evolving every year to meet our changing needs and wants. From your local grocery shops to online retailers, more companies are understanding the important of good, stand out packaging. At the forefront of those needs and wants is the consumers reliance on eCommerce. At Foldabox, we work with many online retailers and have seen their shift to invest in packaging that is not only practical, but fully representative of their brand.

Recreating the visual experience we are used to having in stores virtually can prove to be rather difficult at times, but online retailers are getting better at it. And it’s really all about the unboxing experience, anyway. Isn’t it? The best way to unbox that experience is through great packaging designs. Here are 5 packaging design trends that online retailers need to be mindful of:

  1. Simplicity
    Minimalist design has been around for some time now and it’s not going anywhere soon. Although it can come across as somewhat abstract and primitive, keeping it simple plays an important role in helping us access our intuitive side. When choosing minimalistic design, it is important to find colours and shapes that many people can relate to. With our boxes, people are familiar with the shapes and the ease of use, but the luxury paper and colours is definitely what sets us apart.

  2. Standout shapes and materials
    For companies that aren’t about words, but all about innovative shapes and materials—you’re in luck! This approach can be achieved with our endless supply of colourful ribbons. Add ribbons to your packaging that clearly represents your brand. This method showcases the thoughtfulness and ingenuity you bring to the market—always something to aim for when building a brand identity.

  3. Colours
    With increasing competition, brands and packaging designers are looking for ways to differentiate their products on the shelf. Vibrant colours, intense solids and unique finishes help packages stand out, and we are seeing increasing use of embellishment options such as foils, bespoke finishes and more. Take a look at our bespoke gift box options for some inspiration.

  4. Big words
    If you’re looking to send a clear and loud message about what your product is all about, then big words might be what you’re looking for. Words are a great way to get creative with the message you’re bringing forth. Be it funny or serious a clear message will work as long as it’s in a bold and easy-to-read sans serif font. Combined with a wise choice of colours your product will surely make a splash. If this is the option you choose to go, we recommend taking a look at our printing page. The team at Foldabox will help you bring any “big-word” design to life.

  5. Sustainability
    Consumer demand for environmentally friendly packaging is set to expand to any and all types of eCommerce products. Whether you explore recycled material options or redesign packages to fit your products as snugly and securely as possible, sustainable, slimlined packaging appeals to 86% of consumers. Take a look at our eco-friendly Natural Kraft boxes, which is the perfect retail gift packaging solution for natural skincare and beauty products, organic and specialty gourmet food gift hampers.

What are your thoughts on the future of design trends in packaging? We would love to hear your feedback and if your brand is doing something different, share this with us on our Facebook Page.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines