It’s fast approaching wedding season which sends brides to be and, according to 70% of Pinterest users who have wedding boards before they are even engaged, anyone else who loves weddings into a frenzy of finding out the latest trends for 2017. Everything from the font on the wedding stationery to the colour of the ribbons plaited into the flower girl’s hair has to go according to ‘what’s hot’ this season! Read More
Easter is right around the corner, can you smell the chocolate? This holiday means many different things to everyone, but it always involves spending valuable time with family and indulging a bit into the Easter Bunny fantasy. Incidentally, it is also the only day where it is completely acceptable to allow your kids to have chocolate for breakfast! Read More
There were so many fantastic ideas for creative packaging this Mother’s Day and we just loved the different ways our customers played with the theme to make the occasion more special for their clientele. The year is packed with themed and special occasions that you can have an absolute ball with, including birthdays, Father’s Day, Halloween, and so many more! Read More
We have many of the colour tones that Pantone have announced as on trend this Spring; including silver grey, kraft, pale pink and pale blue boxes. We also have separate ribbons in Light Grey, Lemon Yellow, Cerise Hot Pink, Lilac, Bright Red, Cobalt Blue, Fossil Brown, French Light Blue, Purple, Misty Turquoise and Sage Green. Your options are endless, so go wild this season! Read More
There is a growing trend among brands to be more ‘green’; and in a bid to become more ecologically-friendly they first look at how they are packaging their products. The ideal packaging for a more natural solution is our Natural Kraft gift boxes. Read More
February the 14th is almost upon us, and so with that the month of love! If you need your packaging to convey the message of cupid, then look no further. Our luxury gift boxes and hamper retail packaging are all you need for all your Valentine gifting needs. Read More
It can be difficult keeping your branding and product packaging relevant in the modern business world, because trends are changing all the time. The trick is to keep changing up your brand so that you don’t lose touch with the going fashions. The easiest way to do this without reinventing your actual product is simply by updating your product packaging. Read More
Sometimes it can be difficult to find one colour or even a set of colours that can adequately meet all your packaging needs. For example you might like to offer a style of packaging that works for both your female and male clientele without having to have different colour boxes for each. Read More
We know you love our best-selling, easy-fold boxes as they make for fantastic gift and keepsake boxes that are well-suited to any business or need, which is why we are so excited to give you even more options! This month we are launching a different type of box that has a completely new way of fastening shut. Read More
There are so many ways to make your packaging luxurious that you literally have no excuse for a boring alternative anymore! With our new pearlescent range of boxes, that just got easier. So often solid print colours like red, silver or yellow end up looking flat or just don’t have the desired effect. This is why so many people choose to use our matte Pearl finish boxes as they have a more contemporary feel and have diverse uses. Read More
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