We’ve been in love with these metal colours for years and have been dying to add it to the FoldaBox collection. Metal accent colours are definitely the trend for 2018 and we are delighted to offer this unique, rich and luxurious colours to help keep your gift packaging contemporary. Read More
In need of some good luck this year? Year of the Dog 2018 belongs to the Earth element so it is more favourable for those born in Earth, Fire and Metal years, as compared to those born in Water and Wood years. The luckiest colours to wear in 2018 are: earthy tones, brown, yellow, beige, but also green and blue. Here are the colours that will bring you luck in Earth Dog Year 2018, according to Feng Shui experts. Read More
Even though Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, there’s no need to panic if you haven’t given your packaging any thought. At Foldabox, we’ve got you covered with tons of beautiful packaging options. Whether you’re looking for boxes for candy, lingerie, cupcakes or scented candles - there is always something available to cover your needs. Read More
We are excited to announce the launch of our new rose gold box range. These boxes work incredibly well for jewellery, home decor, beauty, food and just everything really. Rose gold pairs well with natural tones and materials such as kraft paper and cotton. If you’re already packaging your products with our Natural Kraft range and using our cotton ribbons, then the rose gold boxes will be a gorgeous complimentary addition. Read More
Look no further for the best quality winter season wholesale gift packaging solutions. At Foldabox, winter season gift packaging solutions are in abundance. From winter white and silver to the warm tones of rich red and gold, we have a wide variety of boxes available on our online store. Read More
Planning a 2018 wedding? New brides need to know about the up-and-coming wedding colour trends and we’re here to help! Choosing the right colours for your wedding day is a huge part of the overall style and theme that you are trying to create. We have the insight on what’s going to be hottest in Wedding colours for 2018 and we think you’re going to love it.  Read More
We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Naked Box ®️ and will be initially introducing it in sizes; A4 Deep and A5 Deep no ribbon. The Naked Box ®️ offers a great alternative for many of our customers who are seeking a natural, eco-friendly, non-laminated finish but also require a more contemporary appearance that verges towards the black colour spectrum rather than brown. Read More
It’s always incredibly exciting when the Pantone forecast for the next year arrives. We love following the trends and ensuring our boxes, as well as our ribbons at FoldaBox are always on par. So, whether you’re looking for something trendy for your wedding or product packaging, we’re on top of it. Read More
If you’re a retailer with goods to sell over the holidays, it’s important that your packaging is also oozing festive cheer. We’ve compiled a list of the some of the most festive trends this Christmas season and be assured, that Foldabox has amazing boxes for each of those trends. Read More
Colour inspiration can be found just about anywhere; from your favorite cushion or pair of shoes, to brightly-coloured flowers in your garden. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Pearl Silver is the latest trend that so many fashionistas simply can’t get enough of. From metallic silver hair to trendy clothing, this colour is making waves. Read More
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