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Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays across the world. In 2023, it was estimated that consumers spent over £990 million on Valentine’s Day. Retailers enjoy giving their packaging a holiday makeover, and if you’re the same, we have endless options for you to choose from. In the competitive world of retail, standing out and creating memorable experiences for customers is paramount. As Valentine's Day approaches, retailers have a unique opportunity to elevate their brand and foster stronger connections with consumers through the art of personalised packaging.

Personalised packaging goes beyond a transaction; it creates an emotional connection between the customer and the brand. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, and by offering personalised packaging, retailers can tap into the sentimental nature of the occasion. When customers feel a personal touch in their shopping experience, they are more likely to remember and return to the brand. A thoughtfully designed and customised box not only catches the eye but also communicates the retailer's commitment to going the extra mile for its customers.

In the age of social media, every unboxing becomes a potential marketing opportunity. When customers receive a beautifully personalised package, they are more likely to share their excitement online. Social media posts showcasing unique and customised packaging can generate organic buzz, reaching a broader audience and serving as a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool. So, if you’re wondering what options are available to you this Valentine’s Day, continue reading.

Luxury Folding Gift Boxes

There are quite a few options available for Valentine’s Day packaging from Foldabox. We have various box sizes and various colours, so whether you’re selling lingerie or putting together a delicious sweet hamper, there will be multiple packaging options available to you. Sticking to the traditional?  Take a look at our signature Red Pearl gift boxes, which offer the ultimate luxury presentation gift and retail packaging.

Hearts FAB Sides® Decorative Side Panels

We are so excited to launch our new range of Valentine’s Day-inspired FAB Sides® Decorative Side Panels. The collection of Hearts FAB Sides® decorative side panels with a beautiful laser cut heart design is perfect for Valentine's Day gifting but works beautifully for any gift sent with a message of love. Ideal for wedding keepsakes, Birthday gifts, beauty product boxes and lingerie.  The colour of the box shows through the heart cut-outs, and you can even double stack them onto our other plain-coloured side panels to create amazing multi-colour layered effects. They look especially good over the top of gold foil, silver foil, rose copper foil, white and hot pink FAB Sides®.

The Hearts FAB Sides® Decorative Side Panels are available in black, white, red, hot pink and pale pink.

Pink Peony FAB Sides® Decorative Side Panels

The newly launched Pink Peony design is romantic and timeless. This gorgeous design is a photo realistic peony and ranunculus print design in pink, peach and ivory, offering a delicate and feminine addition. They're ideal for wedding keepsakes, lingerie and beauty packaging, or any product gifting that desires a perk of prettiness!

Pink Marble FAB Sides® Decorative Side Panels

Introducing our revolutionary and exciting FAB Sides® decorative side panels with a FABulous Pink Marble design. This gorgeous dusky pink marble with gold vein effect printed design offers a subtle, sophisticated, and elegant addition to any product gifting.  They work especially well with our Black, Gold, Ivory and Rose Gold A4 Deep gift boxes for the ultimate in luxury gift packaging. This new product, developed exclusively by Foldabox, enables you to create uniquely personalised gift packaging at a fraction of the cost of a fully custom-made gift box.

Love Doodle FAB Sides® Decorative Side Panels

This gorgeous multi-colour printed design features 'doodle' style hearts in grey, Fondant Pink and sage green, offering a sophisticated addition. They work especially well with our Black, White, Pale Pink, Silver, Naked Grey® and Pewter A5 Deep gift boxes for the ultimate in luxury gift packaging.

Luxury Tissue Paper

Luxury tissue paper serves as a refined and elegant addition to Valentine's Day packaging, elevating the overall presentation with its sumptuous feel and exquisite appearance. We have31 FABUlous colours to choose from. Choose tissue paper in romantic hues such as deep reds, soft pinks, or rich burgundies to align with the Valentine's Day theme. Cradling gifts in layers of luxurious tissue paper not only protects the contents but transforms the unboxing into a sensory delight, making each gift feel more like a cherished treasure, perfectly encapsulating the sentiment behind the season of love.View our Tissue Paper collection here.

At Foldabox, we understand the significance of creating an unforgettable unboxing experience; included in our various personalisation options for Valentine’s Day are our Ribbon Collection, Photo Frame, Slot Decals and Decorative Closures. Make sure your business stands out this Valentine’s Day, and consider one or more of our beautiful personalisation options.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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