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Decorative gift box closures available to accessorise our unique Slot Gift Boxes with Changeable Ribbon. 

Smooth matt and gloss dome closures enable you to simplify your gift packaging solution, ideal for male biased gifts, or for a more minimalist appearance than achieved with ribbon bows.

Alternatively, go all-out and make an eye-catching statement with a gemstone closure. Ideal for wedding gifts, targeted birthday or anniversary celebration packaging and keepsake memory boxes. 

Flower Gemstone Closures offer a beautiful brooch style decoration that takes your gift packaging to the ultimate in luxury. 

Take a look at our Luxury Tissue Paper for complimentary colours to add the perfect finishing touch. 

We also offer a unique range of FAB Sides® Decorative Side Panels, designed to work with all our A5 Deep, A4 Deep and XL Deep Gift Boxes to create beautifully customised gift packaging solutions that work perfectly with our decorative closures.

Gemstone Closures Ideal for Birthstone Months:-

January = Garnet

February = Amethyst (Purple Sapphire also works)

March = Aquamarine

April = Diamond

May = Emerald

June = Pearl & Rainbow Moonstone 

July = Ruby

August = Peridot & Pink Spinel

September = Sapphire

October = Pink Spinel & Rainbow Crystal (Rainbow Crystals reflect similar colors to an Opal)

November = Citrine & Morganite (Morganite similar to Golden Topaz)

December = Blue Zircon & Tanzanite (Both similar to Blue Topaz)

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