Foldabox customer series - Madn77

In preparation for Christmas we’re delighted to present a series of feature articles focussing on a few of our valued customers who create hampers that make the perfect gift.

For our 2nd customer feature in our Christmas hamper focus series, we are delighted to introduce Madn77 and the company’s inspirational founder, Naina Maden. A newly launched company based in Belgium, focussed on high quality tea and coffee hampers.

Naina has those key entrepreneurial qualities we admire - completely passionate about her business, an ethical vision, engaging and focussed. She’s a delight to work with and we love her brand and brand values. Naina isn’t just about business, it’s about a philosophy and a message of care, support and consideration, for each other and our planet. We are genuinely proud to be part of her growing Family 77!

Not least…. the tea and coffee taste amazing! As a complete tea and coffee enthusiast, I am about to stock up again - the little coffee jars with wooden lids are absolute must haves too!


In Naina’s own words….

At Madn77 we believe in talking to strangers, eating cake for breakfast (in moderation) and everyone deserves to enjoy great products. We want you to laugh out loud, cry when you need to, and not be afraid to be who you are. That feeling of support, loving freely and unconditionally, whether you fly or fall, to be able to enjoy these moments of triumph and celebrate or sooth it with a Chai, or a blended Tea.

That feeling that when you open one of our boxes, you experience a positive sensation. A feeling of comfort and warmth, with a smile on your face.

We believe that you are the boss, and that we all deserve gifts. Each of our boxes come with 2 teas, and 3 blends so you can decide which tea you want, and when. You create the blend, you are in the mood for.

We do business differently. We give back and we don’t compete, whilst respecting our planet. We work with some wonderful partners who become part of our Family77 and we give back to some amazing foundations with ever sale.

So get to know us, and our family, and see all the wondrous works you support by buying Madn77 as we tear down fences to extend our table.

Why did we choose FoldaBox? We did a lot of research trying to find the right packaging supplier. Someone with wonderful design yet sustainable. Someone who understood the positive sensation we were trying to create. With Foldabox we found that supplier. Not only did we fall in love with the different quality packaging they have available, they also believe that treating your customer is number 1, and building the right relationship is paramount. They were our first customer, wishing us success from the moment we started. Just the type of partners we love having part of our Family77.

They believe in us and we certainly believe in them! Madn77 is gifting Foldabox customers a 10% discount so enjoy a well earned cuppa this festive season! Happy shopping with code FOLD10.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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