Our Natural Kraft box selection expands to offer more size options

There is a growing trend among brands to be more ‘green’; and in a bid to become more ecologically-friendly they first look at how they are packaging their products. The ideal packaging for a more natural solution is our Natural Kraft gift boxes.

Our high quality folding gift boxes are the best available and do not use sticky corners to keep the box assembled. We use a unique double folded inner flap at the front and back of the box that provides extra strength and keeps the box assembled securely - keeping your products safe in transit!

The growing demand for natural finish boxes like these ones has spurred us to increase our selection. We are delighted to announce that we now have new Natural Kraft boxes in Small Cube, Large Cube, Medium, and A4 Shallow, and we look forward to adding more to the range in early March!

What are the uses for natural kraft boxes?

Since our kraft boxes are fully recyclable, they are perfectly suited to a market for eco-friendly or natural products. These include natural skincare and beauty products, organic and speciality gourmet foods, natural teas and coffees, hemp or alternate clothing, seeds, dried fruits and nuts, and much, much more. Get some more ideas for using our kraft boxes here>>

What are the benefits of using kraft boxes for my brand?

Aesthetically, the boxes are like a blank canvas for your branding; the Kraft selection look especially good with a debossed logo or black foil print. Take a look at our Printing Page for more details on how to add your own logo to your packaging.

The light brown finish is easily matched with any ribbon or additions that you should decide to add to the packaging, giving you more creative flexibility to ensure that your packaging continues the story of your brand.

You can market your brand as being more environmentally friendly than other brands because of the fact that the boxes will have little negative impact on the environment as they are completely biodegradable.

Our customers love the Kraft boxes!

We’d love to take this opportunity to show you how one of our customers use our Natural Kraft boxes in their business. Give + Cake are an ecological lifestyle eCommerce store that sell sustainably produced beauty products, baby products, recycled paper stationery, and other accessories. They use our boxes to complete their customers’ experience of buying natural and ecologically-friendly products.

Take a look at our range of kraft boxes and get creative with your product packaging!

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines