Turn our boxes into a modern-day Treasure Box

As we move through life we accumulate ‘treasures’ that are completely unique to each one of us. They serve as little reminders of milestones we reached in life, momentous occasions, and loved ones we’ve encountered on our journey. Everything from ticket stubs, wedding albums, loose photographs, locks of hair, baby’s first scan, pressed flowers, children's drawings. They all have no monetary value - but are invaluable to us.

This is why it is so important to store these keepsakes somewhere safe, so that you know that your treasures are kept dry, undamaged, and have the shrine they deserve. We suggest you use our high quality keepsake boxes with their strong, hard walls and appealing design, making them absolutely ideal for holding the things you hold dear for many, many years to come.


Keepsake boxes for all tastes

When you discover a real treasure, there’s something to be said for giving it a very special home. The box itself should also be a treasure to behold, and we have multiple sizes and shapes to suit your stash. We also have different colours and boxes with coloured grosgrain ribbons, visit our selection and take your pick! The classic looks are also available in white, silver, and black with or without grosgrain ribbons.   

Our keepsake boxes are ideal to store:

  • Photographs
  • Albums
  • Baby items like hospital tags, scans, locks of hair, and clothing
  • Thank you cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Pressed flowers
  • Children's art
  • Ticket stubs
  • Certificates
  • Letters, and so much more!

Some of our customers who make use of our keepsake boxes:


Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines