2019 Wedding Trends that you should know about

The wedding industry is not dissimilar to the fashion industry, in that both are predicated on trends that are ephemeral. Our customers are always staying up to date with the latest wedding trends and base their purchasing decisions on where the market is headed. If wedding season has snuck up out of nowhere and if you’re feel a bit unprepared, here are some of the biggest wedding trends for 2019.

When it comes to wedding venue trends, editor Sarah Allard from Hitched is the one in the know about everything that is hot for getting married in 2019. “For 2019 the rustic theme is still going to be very much on trend, but with a new twist”, Sarah says. “Moving away from shabby chic hay bales and crates, couples will be opting for a much more refined rustic look – leaving room for elegant touches and stylish décor. Think metallic, industrial and raw spaces, warmed up with rustic touches from greenery and deeper, richer florals.”

We love the industrial and raw spaces idea, it’s innovative and bold. Many of our customers in this space have been using our Naked Grey boxes to achieve the industrial look for their clients who are getting married soon. Our customers love the fact that we offer a wide choice of ribbon colours, this means that when their clients need boxes to match certain themes, our customers can easily do this with our variety of ribbons.

Bold Colour Schemes
Keeping up with colour trends can be quite a task. The possibilities are endless when it comes to shades, tones and complimenting colours. Weddings this year is going to be interesting in the fact that so many more colours are going to be used. Wedding planners have already begun incorporating Pantone Colour of the Year - Coral into their themes and the demand is growing. Not many retailers stock wedding appropriate products in this specific colour, so if you would like to offer your clients something trendy, then you must check out our new Watermelon Ribbon.

We offer a wide variety of other colours as well, ensuring all customers are kept happy. Rose Gold boxes are still very popular for customers who are in search of the romantic look; it’s one of our most popular products. Visit our website to browse our full range of box colours.

When it come to dresses, lace is always popular with brides and this traditional fabric has had a 2019 makeover. With Megan Markle outdoing herself in a striking yet simple gown, more brides are opting for this classic look. Lace has always been the eternal romantic bridal fabric but is being used in a much more stylish way, no twee old lady styles here, and with the introduction of stretch lace it is a really easy to wear the look for any location.

If you’re inspired to start offering a more traditional and whimsical option for your clients, our white and ivory boxes would make the perfect favour boxes.

Wedding Favours
According to Brides Magazine, candles have always been a wedding favourite for creating a romantic mood. To further enhance this, we’re seeing more and more guests opt for their favourite scented candles (or even creating their own scents), to really transform their wedding ambiance, and also create a scented memory that they can enjoy and reminisce for years to come. Candles also make for wonderful wedding favours and can be personalized too. Depending on the size of the candles your stock, we have a box to suit your needs. Most of our retail customers prefer the Small boxes and Small Cube boxes for small - medium sized candles and other wedding favours.

Bridal Party Gifts
2019 is supposedly the year of more bridesmen and groomsgirls. According to Bride Magazine, “this year we saw more and more couples employ their nearest and dearest, regardless of gender, to join them in celebrating their big day. Bridesmen, groomsgirls, flower grandmas (instead of flower girls), and best women; the traditional wedding roles are now seen more as a guide than a rule.” At Foldabox, we love how personalized gifting plays a role with this concept. Bridal party gifting is a perfect way to say “thank you” and is very popular at the moment. Visit our crafting page to see what fun you can have with customisation. Our boxes can be personalised freehand by our doodle artist, printed with metallic lettering by another artist or be completely bespoke by our third artist, read more about that here.

We hope you’re excited about these trends as much as we are. Are you a wedding planner and have some trends of your own to share? Let us know!

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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