A list of easy and resourceful ideas for repurposing your gift boxes

We all know recycling is important but something better than recycling (when you can never be 100% sure where it will end up) is re-use. How often do we receive online deliveries or products in sturdy gift boxes and think about all those presents too! At Foldabox our high quality boxes are perfect for repurposing and no-one likes throwing away a nice box!

Here are some simple ideas on how you can help reduce waste and repurpose your gift boxes. When organising around the house, there is no need to go out and buy fancy and expensive storage containers. Instead, why not reuse and repurpose the gift boxes you have received over the holiday season or any time of year.

Storing spare makeup and beauty products: You can use it in the bathroom (or bedroom) to store all your extra make-up, hair clips, hair ties, cotton buds, floss, or contact lenses. Visually seeing your items means never thinking you’ve run out and over-stocking, because we are all guilty of that.

All your pens in place: Tidy up your stationery in neat boxes. Imagine finally having a specific place for your push pins, paper clips, sticky notes, loose stamps, business cards, ID cards, gift cards, credit cards etc. Imagine finally finding a pen when you need one. Sounds marvellous!

DIY Paradise: You can use the boxes to store all your various cut outs, stamps and scrapbook items. Crafters always need space to store their buttons, gemstones, embellishments and more. This is the perfect way to repurpose your gift box. Boxes can be used to keep loose needles, stray buttons, thread, and all your sewing supplies super organised.

All in a row: You can use the boxes to roll up your neckties and keep them in your drawers. A simple, and neat organising hack, not to mention you will be able to see and use the neck ties easily without rummaging through hangers. Works well for socks and scarves too!

Cake decorating materials: The boxes can be used to store all your baking supplies, cookie cutters, cake decorations and piping nozzles neatly in your kitchen cupboards or drawers, a hassle free way to keep all your baking items in one place.

Guest room toiletries: You can use the boxes to neatly store toiletries in your guest room when having guests over. Think of all those hotel soaps and shampoo bottles you took but never used - no judgement here! Neatly arrange them in boxes and it will add that special and unique touch to their stay.

Re-gifting: Why go out and buy new boxes to package your gifts to friends and family. You can use these existing boxes and spruce them up with a change of ribbon or add a cute bow, gift tag or a few embellishments to suit the season.

Keeping it natural: You can dress up a simple cardboard box with a few embellishments or keep it as is, Line it with a plastic bag and poke a few drainage holes at the bottom. It can now be used as a pot to plant some herbs or  pretty flowers.

Pre-Tea box: You can repurpose your boxes to store all your different teas in a neat and accessible row. Impress your guests with this simple hack.

Bits and Pieces: If you have a gift box that has become damaged or less than perfect, you can use it in your garage to store bits and pieces. So even if a box has seen its end of life as a gift box it can still be repurposed and used for storage.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these clever ways to repurpose your gift boxes! Have you been repurposing your boxes in different ways? We would love to see your pics.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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