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When giving someone a gift, what it’s packaged in indicates the time and care that went into preparing it. Many consumers look at unique packaging when giving a gift, so let your companies boxes stand out. Add a more personal touch to gift giving with our range of baby and memory keepsake boxes. You can make sure that whichever keepsake box your consumers select will add a touch of character for its recipient. We have a lovely range of white, ivory, silver, pale pink, pale blue and rose gold luxury folding gift boxes that are the perfect blank canvas for the crafting market to create their own unique baby keepsake memory boxes.

These boxes are also ideal for baby shower gifts, favours and hamper gifts, blankets, booties, bibs, baby clothes and nappy cake hampers.

Variety and choice

We have boxes in a wide variety of sizes and colours to suit your customer needs for their memory keepsake boxes giving you great flexibility when choosing how you want to present the memory keepsakes boxes. Opt for simple colours or custom print your boxes to match their themes. Our boxes are made from high quality materials, which means that the memory keepsake boxes will have a timeless and unique look.

Each of our box colours have a unique look:

  • Ivory is a delicate, very pale ivory using a special matt paper, not a printed ink colour. It is the only true ivory available - not too yellow or beige.
  • Pale Blue has a contemporary look, taking colour inspiration from the Pantone of The Year Colour - Serenity, a lovely deep powder blue.
  • Pale Pink is a very pretty blush pink, taking colour inspiration from the Pantone of The Year Colour, Rose Quartz.
  • Rose Gold has also become very popular for all types of baby product gifting.
  • In addition, by popular demand we have introduced pink and white gingham ribbon to compliment Rose Quartz Pink boxes or ideal with White and Silver boxes.
  • Pale blue and white gingham ribbon works perfectly with Serenity Pale Blue boxes, or with White or Silver slot boxes.

Photo boxes for a more personalised gift

Give the option of a more personalised keepsake box with our photo boxes. Photo boxes enable the recipient to add their own photograph to the lid window frame. Customers will be drawn in by this unique feature where they will be able to customise their boxes with pictures of their little ones. Why gift an ordinary keepsake box when you can gift a unique box that can be personalised?

Seal it with a bow

Having a ribbon is a classic way to instantly add the notion of luxury to your memory keepsake box. We have arange of boxes that are pre-fitted with matching grosgrain ribbon that ties into a neat bow.  We have a wide variety of colours available, including gender neutral colours for families that are keeping the gender a surprise.

Ourslot boxes allows you to change the ribbon colour, or use your own if you’d prefer. With changeableribbon colours you can now create that uniquely personalised memory box. We have a wide range of pastel shades to compliment your theme, or neutral colours if the gender of the baby is a surprise.

Handy dividers

We think of everything! We even havecupcake dividers for our Medium and Large boxes. Cupcake dividers are designed for bakery gifts but also widely used for nappy cake hamper gifts. We sell slotted and pre-interlocked insert dividers separately.

Let your product boxes stand out from the rest by giving your customers a unique and personalised box to store their little ones memories. View our full range of baby and memory keepsake boxeshere.
Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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