How to use the our December birthstone closures in your packaging

With December knocking on our frosted doorsteps it's time to think about your use of our new range of decorative gemstone closures. These fun and creative closures can be the difference between your customer liking or loving their unique gift box/package. With blue being a colour trend to take notice of this festive season, we can’t wait to see how you utilize warm blues and fun sapphire hues in your packaging.

We recently introduced the new gemstone and dome closures. An inspiring new range of decorative button closures that provide an innovative alternative to ribbon for our unique slot gift boxes. The birthstones for December are blue zircon and tanzanite which offers a lovely frosty winter colour scheme. To take your personalisation up a notch this December, we highly encourage you to add a gemstone closure to your boxes. Turquoise’s personality is natural, earthy and traditional. It has been used in jewellery dating back to the earliest recorded history of civilization in many cultures. Zircon’s bright personality is a result of its high refractive index, which gives it excellent brilliance, lustre and fire. Its characteristics resemble diamond, so it was used in the 19th century as a diamond alternative. Fine tanzanite has a richness and depth of colour that is often described as “velvety.” It is one of the world’s most popular gemstones

Not only is the colour blue synonymous with a winter Christmas it also symbolises loyalty, wisdom, faith and intelligence. These characteristics are also important in business and therefore we suggest the use of the blue zircon and tanzanite gem closures for corporate gifting too. These closures works very nicely with our white, silver, ivory, black, rose gold, pale pink, pale blue, copper and pewter slot gift boxes with changeable ribbon.

Your December birthstone packaging can even be accompanied by a grosgrain ribbon to compliment, here are some of the ribbons we recommend:

We can’t wait to see how you’re using the new birthstone collection in your packaging. Please tag us when sharing your pictures on social media.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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