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It’s wedding season again and we can practically hear those wedding bells ringing for all the brides and grooms soon to be walking down the aisle! There is a lot to look forward to as this year’s trends hit the scene; we are most excited by thetop wedding stationery trends that we can expect to see in 2017.

We have thewidest range of white gift boxes to offer, our most popular colour, which are perfectly suited for a long list of uses - most significantly for everything and anything to do with weddings! Being a neutral colour, they can be used for packaging anything from baby gifts, photographs, corporate gifts, gift cards and more. Most of our white boxes feature a fixed or changeable ribbon to add a pop of colour from our large range of ribbons to match the bridal wedding theme.


Here's how clients have used our boxes for weddings:

Bridal shower gifts
Our boxes bring the luxury and glamour to packaging for bridal shower gifts. Our larger boxes are ideal for hampers where there are larger items that need to stand upright, and our shallow boxes match the opulence for presents such as lingerie and other similar spoils.

Wedding favours
Custom printed or personalised favour boxes with simple gifts inside are fantastic treats. Our small cubes come with changeable ribbons so that the wedding favour boxes can match the wedding theme. All in all they make for a memorable way to deliver a message of thanks to the wedding guests.

Wedding jewellery and trinkets
Ournew ivory colour is ideal for all things wedding, and make ideal packaging for wedding jewellery such as tiaras, necklaces, and earrings. It has also become a tradition to present gifts to the bridal party parents, which is where these boxes will work perfectly.

Cupcake wedding cake
These days couples are opting for alternatives to the traditional three-tier fruitcake wedding cake, giving rise to new trends of macaroons, cake pops, or most popular, cupcakes. The upside to these options are that the guests can more easily take theirs with them and what better way to present them than to have them individually packaged in our small cube gift boxes. These boxes come with either no ribbon, or a changeable ribbon.

Many customers create beautiful and unique personalised keepsake boxes from our range because they are the perfect blank canvas and the best quality available. Special occasions such as weddings accrue numerous keepsakes such as cards, letters, photographs, pressed flowers, and so much more, and keeping them safe is of utmost importance. This is where our range of quality boxes comes in handy.

Explore ourfull range of wedding season luxury gift packaging solutions and find a gift box that is just right for you.
Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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