Make your packaging more memorable with our custom printing tips

Create a memorable unboxing experience for your brand. When was the last time you really thought about your packaging and unboxing experience? For many brands, the answer is usually never. Packaging came out of necessity for protecting the product within, but now it is also about delivering a complete brand experience. Here are some tips to make your packaging more memorable through custom printing:



Invest in a graphic designer 

Not everyone is blessed with artistic flair (don’t take it personally) - but where your brand is at stake you want to make the best first impression possible. Do some research and invest in someone that designs for a living! Find a graphic designer that has experience in creating artwork for packaging, they will understand the unique requirements for printing for this express purpose.


Simplicity is key. Don’t overwhelm

You may have all the best intentions when putting together a design for your packaging, but even a masterpiece might not look amazing on the actual packaging. Sometimes things look good in theory (on paper or on your screen) but when you apply it to your box it could look too cluttered or complex. Simplicity is key here, but be patient as it might take a few attempts before you get what you are looking for. Keep an open mind!


Stay on top of industry trends

Packaging design goes through it's own set of trends over time, so make sure you know where things are headed so that you can either be ahead of the curve or riding the trend wave. Anything is better than investing in a whole truckload of new boxes that look like they’re going out of style! Follow some packaging and design blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to keep up with industry trends. It never hurts to take note of what your competitors are doing as well.


Get to know your customer better

Even if you think you know them, set up some time to get to know them better. Find out how you can meet their needs more efficiently and how you can improve the packaging so that your stand out from the competition. This feedback is gold and will greatly improve your relationship with your customers.


Don’t settle on anything less than a GREAT packaging printer 

When it comes down to it, a printer can seriously make or break your packaging. You need high quality materials and industry-leading service.


At Foldabox we make it easy to add your own logo or printed design to our stock boxes, to create your own unique branded gift box! Adding a logo enables you to personalise gift boxes without the large volume commitment and long lead time needed for a fully made to order box. We can use foil, print ink to match a Pantone colour, or deboss your logo. Multiple print colours and CMYK print are also possible depending on registration, design complexity and box colour.


For more information about printing on boxes with Foldabox, visit our dedicated page. 

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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