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Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, with the month of February associated with love. Or, to call a spade a spade, it’s associated with the giving of gifts in most cases luxury gifts. Flowers, chocolates, anything heart-shaped and red/black or rose gold. It’s a holiday made for luxury gift packaging. Valentine’s day is still ranked as the fourth largest spending holiday, On average, men spent £40 on their partner on Valentine's Day, whereas women spent an average of £24. So, brands and marketers should pay some extra attention to their products and packaging designs before this day arrives.

If your business sells any kind of delicious goodies such as chocolates, food hampers or cake, invest in our luxury boxes that can be utilised after the edibles have been consumed as a keepsake box, it’s all about the quality. 

When it comes to lingerie, our luxury folding gift boxes with magnetic closures are perfect retail gift packaging for delicates. The smaller boxes and cubes are ideal for thongs, stockings and garters, which are great for hen party gifting. The black and red boxes offer beautiful gift packaging solutions for Valentine’s day lingerie.

We have a wide range of luxury box colours but if you’re more the traditional kind, here’s what we suggest:

Ravaging Red

Our signature Red Gift Boxes offer the ultimate in luxury gift presentation packaging. A deep, rich red with a unique and beautiful pearlescent matt lustre finish throughout and perfectly matching red grosgrain ribbon.  These really are the most gorgeous red boxes available! A sumptuous Valentines Day colour for lingerie, cupcake packaging, clothing, food hamper gifts, artisan tea and coffee or chocolate boxes.View our red collection here.

Sensual Rose Gold

Rose Gold is everywhere and it isn't going away, in fact, it's getting more popular by the second. You now have the opportunity to capture the contemporary trend of pink in all its shades into your own luxury gift packaging with our unique Rose Gold pearl lustre gift boxes, perfect to suit any occasion but especially for the day of love!View our Rose Gold collection here.

Classic and Sultry Black

Black gift boxes are incredibly popular and great for all types of luxury retail gift packaging. It is ideal for gourmet food hampers, clothing packaging, beauty gift hampers, and subscription boxes, corporate and promotional merchandise and artisan ceramics or jewellery packaging. It’s the perfect choice for the more “safer” Valentine’s Day gift options but certainly not boring.View our Black collection here.

Take it a step further for that extra touch of personalisation

Nothing takes retail packaging to the next level more than accessories like ribbon and gemstone closures. Luckily for you, we have some lovely variations of the colour red/pink ribbon to choose from:

For some non-traditional Valentines day colours, take a look at our full-colour rangehere:

When it comes to using gemstones closures this Valentine’s Day, we recommend the following:

Purchasing luxury packaging solutions of a certain quality will elevate your Valentine’s day to the best one yet, for your customers and your business profits. We would just love to see how romantic you can get so tag us on social media with how you have utilised our luxury packaging in the month of love.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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