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One of the most rewarding experiences associated with the Festive season is that of wrapping gifts, the act of decorating and packaging something special for someone else to open at Christmas is both personal and fun (almost as good as unwrapping the surprise yourself!).

This is also the best time of the year to go all out on packaging, whether it is for your own gifts or fun and creative ways to package your products for your customers gifts. There are several colours which are traditionally associated with the Festive season and those are green, red, gold, white, and blue. Our wide variety of boxes and ribbon colours make ideal packaging for all your festive needs, here are some ideas that might come in handy:


Festive biscuits or fruit cake

Our slot boxes are ideal for presenting iced or dusted biscuits that are suitably festive shaped such as pine trees, reindeers, and even Father Christmas! Our boxes show off your gifts or products in the best way while keeping them safe from damage in the quality packaging.

Our boxes also come in deeper sizes such as the A5 or A6 box, which would make for fantastic boxes for presenting or gifting Christmas fruit cakes which need a little more room and might have a topper.


Christmas themed cupcakes

Themed cupcakes have become more and more popular in place of the traditional Christmas fruit cake, and the designs of the cupcake toppers can be little works of art. The best way to show these off would be in our Cupcake Presentation Boxes. Our Large Gift Boxes are perfect for 16 cupcakes and our Medium Gift Boxes are great for 9 cupcakes. We even offer dividers that will keep your cupcake designs neat and safe on their way to their intended recipient.


Gift hamper

Buying gifts can be a challenge when you’re not sure what to get, so gift hampers are often the better choice. A hamper can be filled to bursting with the kinds of things that everybody loves such as cards, sweets, baked goods, speciality teas or coffees, mugs, etc. Presenting them in a festive themed box will bring the concept of the hamper together as well as provide the perfect packaging that will help keep the items safe.


There are so many ways that you can use our boxes this Festive season, and all our gift boxes are available from stock. They fold completely flat for minimal storage, designed to make your life easier but with no compromise on quality. The ultimate in beautiful quality retail gift packaging. Contact us if you’d like to start selling your products in our boxes.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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