Our clients use our boxes in creative and wonderfully different ways

Our range of boxes is so wide and versatile that they are suitable for a number of different purposes, which makes them such a popular choice for many different types of businesses. We love seeing how our various clients use our boxes every day in their businesses, such as the 5 listed below:

Babywear UK
Babywear UK is a leading baby and childrenswear manufacturer, they also sell adorable baby starter packs as gifts for new parents that includes the essentials in clothing such as bibs, babygrows, jackets, and beanies which they neatly package using our boxes. They also offer our boxes on their online store as a gift box option, so that customers can choose their own box fillers.


The Honey Bella Tea Company
The Honey Bella Tea Company are tea connoisseurs! Everything to do with tea-time can be bought from their online store including a wide variety of teas, cups and saucers, tea pots, hampers and accessories. This tea company use our boxes to elegantly present their gift hampers, which provide a sturdy container to keep the often breakable goods safe, and make the gift even more presentable just by beautiful packaging. 


Intricate Creations
Intricate Creations specialises in contemporary, bespoke laser-cut wedding and event stationery for the sophisticated and style-conscious. This includes everything from cards, invitations, menus, place cards, and other accessories for special occasions. They also offer our large range of favour boxes which they custom laser-cut for each occasion.


Emilys Star
Emilys Star is a charity that raises funds for children with complex needs and their families across the UK. They use our boxes in a number of ways however the one that stands out the most is their Neonatal boxes, thoughtfully packed boxes filled with the essentials for baby, mum, or dad with a premature or underweight baby in mind.



Custom Cubed
Custom Cubed is all about unique, illustrated (by hand) keepsake boxes and cards doodled by talented individuals. They use our boxes as a blank canvas to set their artwork on, and the results are amazing! See for yourself on their Facebook page.



We challenge you to show us how you would sell your products in custom boxes. With our range and the versatility we can offer you, you can be as creative and unique as you want. Contact us if you’d like to start selling your products in our boxes.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines