Inspiring ideas for customising your soap boxes

Soap is such a personal and indulgent product; so if you’re looking for some inspirational cues on how to package it look no further! Packaging plays such a large role in selling your product because it can convey the message of your brand, create nostalgia, catch the eye, and needs to impart some important information like the ingredients you use or your brand's unique story.

We’ve listed a few of our favourite ways to add a custom ‘touch’ to your soap boxes:

Custom printed boxes
It is so important to create an immediate and lasting impression when someone first sees your soap boxes, since you want them to seek them out time and time again. With FoldaBox you can custom print your soap boxes to help create an overall brand for your soaps, making them instantly recognisable. You can also use your box to list the important information like ingredients and what makes your product special.

Window boxes
A great idea to tantalise a potential sale is to use a window box so that your soaps can be easily viewed. If your product is beautiful then it will market itself - but it would be a good idea to include some tissue paper or coloured, shredded paper to elegantly showcase the soaps.

Classic Ribbons
Having a ribbon is a classic way to instantly add the notion of luxury to your packaging. We have a range of boxes that are pre-fitted with matching grosgrain ribbon that ties into a neat bow.

Twine and other ties
If you’d prefer to go for something different, then twine is very much in demand at the moment. They create a simple and elegant effect, especially on earthy tone boxes. String and raffia can also be done tastefully to create a handcrafted look to the packaging.

Tie a token
Add a token such as a pressed, dried flower like a rose or sprig of lavender to the packaging to compliment the soaps inside and make it completely unique. It doesn’t have to be flowers either, as long as it works with your brand and your product. Get creative and add origami, a doily, a flavoured teabag, a wooden tag, big buttons, wax stamps, plantable seeds, cinnamon sticks or other spices, and so much more!

We are sure you are going to come up with fantastic and creative ideas for your soap boxes and we’d love to help you realise them. Take a look at our range of boxes and get in contact if you’d like more information.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines