Show your wedding guests appreciation with the perfect favour boxes

A wedding is all about creating a beautiful memory with people that you really care about; and wedding favours are the perfect way to show your appreciation to your guests for their support. But all too often you spend a lot of your time and effort on making wedding favours and they just get left behind on the table! So it’s quite important to make your wedding favours look too beautiful to leave behind, starting with the packaging.

Here are some tips to choosing the perfect wedding favour boxes:

Accentuate your theme
Keep your favour boxes in line with your wedding's overall theme, that way it will carry with it the nostalgia you want to create when your guests take a little bit of it home with them. This could be the colour of your favour boxes or ribbon, the material it’s made of, or perhaps the extra decoration you add to them. Foldabox have a whole selection of different types and colours of boxes with ribbons, we also offer boxes without ribbons so that you can add your own ribbon colour to go with your wedding theme; view the range.

Go with a classic
White or ivory is a timeless hit, you can’t go wrong with these when it comes to wedding favour boxes. They are the epitome of the classic wedding and add that extra bit of luxury to your favour. Our extensive range of white and ivory luxury gift boxes are perfect for wedding and bridal gifts. All our boxes (except cubes) are available in both white and ivory, with and without ribbon.

Avoid all tackiness!
Even though you might start out with all the best intentions of coming up with creative packaging, you run the risk of ending up with something that looks tacky. Try not to over-do the hessian look, or putting your wedding monogram on everything! The easiest way to avoid tacky is to choose a classic, clean box - which adds a touch of class to everything.

DIY can be fun... in moderation
DIY offers you the unique advantage of giving something that appears to come straight from the heart because it is obvious that it took precious man-hours to make (probably just days before the wedding!). However, make up a few of your wedding favours including the packaging and see if it is worth doing 200 of them! Putting a Foldabox together couldn't be easier though, it’s a 5-step process and you can customise the box and ribbon to suit your theme.

Need some inspiration? Browse Foldabox’s wedding, bridal and keepsake gift boxes.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines