Photographers: Add that professional touch to packaging your photographs

As a professional photographer you spend hours upon hours creating pieces of art and perfectly capturing moments for clients, which is why it is so important to carry that passion through into your presentation and handover of the finished product. We feel that the best way to do this is with a neat, high quality photo box.

There are so many ways that a box can add luxury to the presentation of your work, as well as serve a real, valuable purpose. Here are some great ideas for how you can add that professional, final touch to your photographs:

Elegantly present proof sets to clients
A lot of photographers prefer to send their clients “proof” sets of their prints, and sending them in an elegant box has a twofold advantage. The luxurious box gives a finished, professional look to the packaging of the product and it keeps the photos safe from spoil inside.

Perfect for all types of photoshoots
Boxes can be used for any photoshoot, but they really add a sense of occasion for wedding, engagement, maternity, baby, and boudoir photos.

Provide presentable temporary or long term packaging
Photo boxes are often seen as temporary packaging for photos but if you use high quality, classic boxes the customer will more than likely use them to keep their photos and memories safe for years to come. You could add some of your own branding subtly on the back of the box or inside the box, which may bring future business your way.

The perfect album box
Our boxes are the ideal solution for presenting photo albums or coffee table books to customers. With our selection of box colours and ribbons you should be able to match your customer's’ colour schemes easily, to add a thoughtful touch.

Gift USBs and CDs in style
Another great way to use our boxes is to package the USBs or CDs with your customers’ photographs on them. A luxury box in your branding colours or the colours of your customers’ event is a fantastic way to hand over your work.

If these sound like great ideas for your photography business, then check out our boxes right away. We have A5 shallow and A4 size boxes available and introducing our A6 boxes in August with our professional photographer customers in mind. These are ideal for photographs and will comes in a variety of colours, including white, black, silver and ivory. The A6 box will be great for C6 envelopes and 4x6 photographs, while the A5 boxes are perfect for 5x7 or 6x8, and A4 are best suited for 8x10 and 8x12 photographs.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines