2020 Chinese New Year - The year of the rat

For retailers, ensuring your products and or packaging accommodates all holidays, festivities, cultures etc. is important. Whether you’re embracing the rose gold trend or want to diversify your options for a niche client base, your packaging options should adapt as well. Chinese New Year is almost here and 2020 is the year of the rat.

Whilst the rat itself isn’t the nicest animal to think off, it has deep and significant meaning. The rat symbolises intelligence, vitality, wealth and abundance. Rats are also perceived to be clever and successful creatures that live a quiet life, something which all of us can aspire to be and possess. With self-care being a core focus for many people in 2020, this deeper symbolise can creep in many different products such as bath products, candles, wine, etc.

If Chinese New Year is important for the majority of your customers, there are multiple packaging options available. Red is the official colour for Chinese New Year and if you’re looking to take your packaging up a notch, we’ve got you covered. Our signature Red gift boxes offer the ultimate in luxury gift presentation and retail packaging. A deep, rich red with a unique and beautiful pearlescent matt lustre finish throughout and perfectly matching red grosgrain ribbon. These really are the most gorgeous red boxes available! A sumptuous year round colour for lingerie, cupcake packaging, clothing, food hamper gifts, artisan tea and coffee or chocolate boxes.

If you would like to subtly bring this into your packaging without doing much, we suggest ribbons! Ribbons are also great to compliment a custom printed logo on the lid of the box. Have a look at some fantastic colour suggestions below:

Our gemstone closures are an inspiring new range of decorative button closures that provide an innovative alternative to ribbon for our unique slot gift boxes. You have two beautiful red options:

This Chinese new year be sure to explore some wonderful ideas when it comes to your brand and how you'd like to portray it to those around you in the retail or corporate industry. With Boxes, Ribbons, Gem closures to printing on your box. The opportunities are endless.

There’s no denying the eye-catching vibrancy of Chinese New Year packaging. It’s colourful, attractive, thematic and instantly statement-making—all the things good packaging should be.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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