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The day of love is approaching, and for brands of any size, it’s a chance to increase their sales with gift-ready and special packaging designs. The colour red, hearts, and chocolates are among the top things that might come to your mind when we mention Valentine’s day. But if we look back a few centuries, this day was connected to more sad and heartbroken facts, such as the story of Saint Valentine from Rome….interesting!

Valentine’s day is still ranked as the fourth largest spending holiday. So, brands and marketers should, with good reason, pay some extra attention to their products and packaging designs before this day arrives. If you’re looking for something a little different this year, we are so excited to introduce our gemstone closures.

We offer a wide range of box colours but if you’re sticking to the traditional then these options will definitely catch your eye:

Luxury Red

Our signature Red Pearl gift boxes offer the ultimate in luxury presentation gift and retail packaging. A deep, rich red with a unique, beautiful pearlescent matte lustre finish throughout and perfectly matching red grosgrain ribbon. The perfect choice for lingerie, cupcake packaging, clothing, food hamper gifts, artisan tea, and coffee or chocolate boxes.View collection here.

Trendy Rose Gold
Rose Gold is everywhere and it isn't going away in 2020, in fact, it's getting more popular by the week. We are delighted because frankly - it's gorgeous!  You now have the opportunity to capture the contemporary trend of Millennial Pink in all its shades into your own luxury gift packaging with our unique Rose Gold pearl lustre gift boxes available across multiple sizes.View collection here.

Contemporary Black
Black gift boxes are incredibly popular and great for all types of luxury retail gift packaging. It is ideal for gourmet food hampers, clothing packaging, beauty gift hampers, and subscription boxes, corporate and promotional merchandise and artisan ceramics or jewellery packaging. It’s the perfect choice for the more “safer” Valentine’s Day gift options.View collection here.

Add the perfect box accessory for that next level personalisation:

Nothing adds a more personal touch to packaging than ribbon. Luckily for you, we have some gorgeous variations of the colour red to choose from:

This selection of our new range of decorative button closures can provide an innovative alternative to ribbon for our unique slot gift boxes this Valentines Day:

If you’re looking for something other than red, take a look at thefull gemstone collection on our website.

A sustainable Valentine’s Day

2020 is truly going to be the year for sustainable design, taking care of our planet and creating less waste. There is also a demand for more crafted, handmade and natural products. Think small gestures instead of grand statements. Back to basics so gifts are heartfelt, thoughtful and sentimental. For this, we recommend our:

Natural Kraft
Natural kraft is the perfect retail gift packaging solution for natural skincare and beauty products, organic and specialty gourmet food gift hampers. If you’re focussed on sustainable packaging, then you will fall in love with this option.View collection here.

Naked Grey
Our Naked Boxes® offer a natural, slightly textured matt grey flecked finish that is the perfect retail product packaging solution looking for a contemporary alternative to Natural Kraft. For retailers trying to capitalize on all “shades of grey” this month, this box is for you.View collection here.

We can’t wait to see how you use our products for your Valentine's Day packaging. Remember to tag us on social media so we can share!

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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