Have fun with these Easter gift ideas

Easter is right around the corner, can you smell the chocolate? This holiday means many different things to everyone, but it always involves spending valuable time with family and indulging a bit into the Easter Bunny fantasy. Incidentally, it is also the only day where it is completely acceptable to allow your kids to have chocolate for breakfast!


The origins of the tradition of exchanging chocolates and other sweets at Easter began in France and Germany during the 19th Century and quickly spread to the rest of Europe - soon everyone was hollowing out their eggs in celebration. There are also many emblems that represent Easter, however by far the most well-known is the Bunny, and the first edible Easter Bunnies were created in Germany in the early 1800’s.


Although gifting (and hiding!) chocolate in every shape and size of bunny, egg, and chick are extremely popular for Easter, there are many other types of gifts that suit this special occasion quite well. 


We’ve offered a list of gift ideas we thought would be ideal for Easter:

Out-of-the-ordinary Easter Eggs
Easter eggs are definitely a no-brainer, but they also tend to be the same every year. However, companies such as Foldabox customer, Choconchoc, have taken creativity to the next level and offered a completely refreshing and unique range of chocolates! They come in such incredible shapes and sizes, and they package some of their products in our high quality boxes to ensure their products stay safe and are beautifully presented


Themed cupcakes and doughnuts
Cupcakes and doughnuts are always a hit for special occasions, and why should Easter be any different? With such iconic emblems such as the Easter bunny, chicks, and eggs, there are so many ways to have fun with this theme. See how our customer, Bradford’s Bakers, have decorated their baked goods!


Something for the adults
It doesn’t all have to be edible or smothered in Easter bunnies; there is always the option of Easter hampers put together with the ‘adult’ in mind. Hampers filled with products such as wine, nuts, chocolates and some egg shaped soaps or bath bombs will grab the attention of those customers who have seen many an Easter!


Non-chocolate alternatives for kids
Finding chocolate alternatives to Easter is a necessity for many families and a desire for even more. For some it is about taking away the focus of chocolate and food and for others it’s about remembering what Easter is all about. Whichever it is there are many fantastic ideas such as rabbit plush toys, themed puzzles, colouring in books, dress-up bunny ears, bunny or chick themed clothing, bunny printed cups or perhaps the classic Beatrix Potter story books of mischievous Peter Rabbit. The list really is endless, and just requires a bit of imagination and a good eye for finding a rabbit!


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Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines