Packaging ideas for all your special occasions

There were so many fantastic ideas for creative packaging this Mother’s Day and we just loved the different ways our customers played with the theme to make the occasion more special for their clientele. The year is packed with themed and special occasions that you can have an absolute ball with, including birthdays, Father’s Day, Halloween, and so many more!

With our range of boxes you are spoilt for choice, with a large range of boxes in different sizes and colours, as well as a wide variety of coloured ribbon to suit the occasion. Let your imagination run wild, and put together some gorgeous packaging with complimentary decor.

If you’d like some ideas, take a look at how some of our other customers have added some themed fun to their products and packaging:

Themed cupcakes

Themed cupcakes and other baked goods are fast becoming the most popular as gifts for special and themed occasions, and if this is something that you offer, then you need to take a look at our range of packaging designed for cupcakes. Our large Gift Boxes are perfect for 16 cupcakes and Medium Gift Boxes are great for 9 cupcakes.

Take a look at how creative some of our customers, Bradfords Bakers, Cupcake Planet, Jazzy Chic cupcakes, Fabulous Bakes and Kake and Cupkakery have been with this theme!

Chocolate and confectionary

Our boxes are also ideal for packaging chocolates and confectionary, which are also high on the list as products sought after for themed events. Foldabox customer, Choconchoc, have used our boxes to package Mother’s day themed chocolates and personalised chocolate wine bottles!  

Our Slot Gift Boxes enable you to change the ribbon colour, or use your own if you'd prefer. We have a range of 23 additional Ribbon Colours to match, contrast or complement your retail gift packaging solution.

Gift hampers

Our XL Cube boxes are ideal for hampers as they can fit full-size products and have plenty of room for all kinds of products such as books, bubble bath, scented candles, and even something for the sweet tooth. Box of Hugs use our kraft boxes to supply themed hampers to their customers.

Soaps, bath care and candles

With our large range you won’t struggle to find a box to fit the different shapes and sizes of bath products, soaps and candles - even for those that need to stand upright. Our customer, Feather & Grey Candles, use our luxury boxes to package their champagne and bath product combo hampers, helping to add that extra glamour to the gift.

Both Taste-of and TW Crafts use our boxes for their products, Taste-of packages their bath goodies in ‘The Bath Box’ and TW Crafts use them for their selection of candles.

We hope that you now have some great ideas for your packaging to offer your lucky customers!

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines