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The colour, an unusual shade of pink, seems to be everywhere these days, but it's gone far beyond fashion and jewellery. At Milan Furniture Fair in April - the largest annual interior furnishings fair in the world - rose gold kitchens were all the rage. The colour has been popping up vividly at weddings, in cakes at trendy patisseries, and if you need a new set of wheels, now you can get a rose gold car. And we’re here to tell you that Rose Gold is here to stay.

Since the launch of our Rose Gold range at the beginning of the year, it has quickly become one of our best selling collection of boxes. Our customers have been using it for jewellery, home decor, beauty, wedding keepsake boxes and so much more. Due to the popular demand of this whimsical colour, we have decided to extend our rose gold size options.

We’ve added 4 new sizes to our rose gold collection:

  • Rose Gold Small Cube Gift Boxes with changeable ribbon
    - Rose Gold Small 4" Cube Gift Box with slots and changeable ribbon are perfect luxury retail packaging for soaps, candles, sweets, individual cupcakes, wedding favours, glass baubles and cosmetics.

  • Rose Gold Large Cube Gift Boxes with changeable ribbon
    - Rose Gold Large 5" Cube Folding Gift Box with slots and changeable ribbon are great wholesale luxury retail gift boxes for candle packaging, soaps, ceramic mugs, cosmetics and chocolates.

  • Rose Gold A5 Shallow Gift Boxes
    - A5 Shallow gift boxes with Rose Gold pearl lustre finish are ideal for small brochures, invitations, photography packaging or other A5 printed materials. Ideal for wedding stationery or retail gift packaging for chocolates, guest soaps, cosmetics, product sampling and beauty products.

  • Rose Gold A4 Shallow Gift Boxes
    - A4 Shallow gift boxes with gorgeous Rose Gold pearl lustre finish are ideal for brochures, PR product sample mailings, cosmetics, wedding stationery, photography packaging, baby shower gifts, crafting and beauty products.

According to Marie Claire's digital fashion editor Penny Goldstone, millennials have held onto pink because it photographs well in posts on social media. "I would say rose gold has become a pop culture phenomenon. It's been around since 2015 but it's still massively popular," she tells the BBC. "It's all about matching everything. So on Instagram you'll have people posting a picture where they're drinking a glass of rosé while sitting on a pink lounger, wearing a vintage pink 50s swimsuit."

Multiple retailers have told the BBC over the last 12 months that their research on products is now heavily influenced by trends on Instagram.

We don’t know why so many consumers are gravitating towards rose gold (other than it’s sheer beauty) but what we do know is that, if they want rose gold, we will keep making products for them in that colour. It’s always about what the consumer wants.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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