The March birthstone, Aquamarine, is said to bring the wearer good luck, fearlessness, and protection

This bluish colour with a green tinge is sure to enlighten the senses of all those who come into contact with it. The wearer is said to possess feelings of calm when wearing this colour as well as fearlessness and protection from harmful ways. It was said that in 1598 the colour aquamarine was first recorded in sailors novels out at sea about tempting sirens in the water.

Aquamarine is no stranger to the fashion industry, especially when it comes to jewels on the red carpet, at the 2020 Golden Globes Lisa Bonet was seen wearing an Eriness large aquamarine eternity band. Even the make-up world is jumping on board with aquamarine, with a 2020 trend called  Unruly pastel application. "2020 will continue to have an emphasis on having fun with colour in makeup," Nichterlein says. "There's no better time to just throw a bunch of colour on your eyes — no brushes needed."

As we approach March, we move towards a serene approach of retail experiences by introducing a soothing colour such as aquamarine. Impress your consumers with a fresh look by using the Aquamarine Gemstone closure. This March birthstone will add the ultimate detail to a personalised packaging experience. You could even consider a wonderfully versatile Grosgrain ribbon such as:

This tempting yet subtle blue stone is the ideal March birthstone gift box or keepsake box accessory that works very nicely with our White, Silver, Ivory, Black, Navy, Pale Pink, Pale Blue and Pewter slot gift boxes with changeable ribbon. Studies show that men are more drawn to the brighter colours whereas women are drawn to softer more demure colours, do keep that in mind when choosing your colour pallet. Either way, you simply can’t go wrong with aquamarine this March.

Share your amazing aquamarine retail packaging with us, we would love to see what you are getting up to. Happy Shopping.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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