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Black Slot Decal Labels

Product Code: 33090

Black Slot Decal Labels

Product Code: 33090

Pack of 24 

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Customise Your Gift Box

Customise Your Gift Box

If you don't want to use ribbon as the gift box closure and you're looking for a more streamlined look, slot decal labels are designed to cover the two visible slots on the front of the assembled gift box.

Our black metal slot decal labels with a beautiful 3D relief pattern are a unique self-adhesive decorative accessory for our slot gift boxes with changeable ribbon.

Also perfect as a decorative front flap feature for any of our boxes to take your packaging to the next level of sophistication. You'll just need one per box and it looks great!

You can even use them on our small gift boxes with fixed ribbon by cutting the ribbon off flush with the box, requires 2 decal labels. 

The perfect finishing touch to maximise your options of customising your packaging to stand out from the crowd. 

Available in 5 colours. Supplied in packs of 24 to affix to 12 slot boxes. 

** Peel off the blue protective front cover sheet and peel off the release paper backing to reveal the self-adhesive layer.

  • Aluminium metal
  • 30mm x 14mm x 2mm with shaped outline and 3D relief patterned edge
  • Flat back with self adhesive surface
  • Remove the ribbon supplied with the gift box, assemble the box and cover visible slots in the box flap and body with 2 x slot decals. Alternatively use as you prefer to decorate any of our gift boxes.
  • Supplied in packs of 24
  • 24 slot decals per pack
  • Padded envelope
  • Envelope Size: 18cm x 15cm x 1cm
  • Weight: 19 grams

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