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Rose Pink 50m Grosgrain Ribbon Roll

Product Code: R31065

High quality Rose Pink Grosgrain Ribbon, ideal to cut to your own length or wrap in a traditional way (around 4 sides, crossed under the box base and with a bow on top) around our no ribbon gift boxes. Perfect to gift accessorise Medium Lift Off Lid Gift Boxes. 

A pretty, dusky rose pink that's perfect with White, Ivory, Black, Naked Grey® and Natural Kraft Gift Boxes.

  • Nearest Pantone ink reference is PMS 182C.
  • Singe roll / reel of ribbon.
  • 100% Polyester.
  • 50m length roll x 2.5cm (1") width.
  • Colourfast and SVHC Free.
  • Cut the ends diagonally to your preferred length with a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Equivalent £0.15 per metre.
  • See next tab for how much you need per box. 

Assuming you wrap the ribbon in a traditional gift package way, around the 4 sides of the gift box, crossed over the underside of the box and tied in a bow on the top, you will need approximately the following amounts of ribbon for our stock gift boxes:

Gift Box Size Approx. Ribbon Length per Box Approx. Number of Boxes per 50m Roll
Small 115cm 43
Small Cube 125cm 40
Large Cube 150cm 33
A6 Shallow 125cm 40
A5 Shallow 150cm 33
A5 Deep 175cm 28
Medium 175cm 28
Medium Lift Off Lid 220cm 22
A4 Shallow 205cm 24
A4 Deep 220cm 22
Large 220cm 22
XL Deep 255cm 19
A3 Shallow 255cm 19
A3 Deep 300cm 16

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