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Mother's Day (27th March) is fast approaching. In 2021, consumers in the UK were 85.3% more likely to celebrate and spend money on their mothers, agreeing that Mother's Day is a significant occasion. We can all agree that this holiday is a popular time for spending, and retailers have already begun maximising their in-store and online shopping experience for their customers. Shoppers buy for their mothers and stepmothers, but almost half of them are buying for grandmothers, sisters, friends and even daughters — effectively expanding the reach of the holiday.

There has been a wide range of predictions for this year, and although common products carry through each year, we encourage our customers to differentiate from the rest. The best way to do this is by personalising the boxing experience. So, if your business is ready for the Mother’s Day madness this year, here are some tips to get you started.

Luxury Gift Hampers

Some of the best selling products for this special occasion has always been indulgent hamper boxes. Food-filled hampers full of sweet treats and artisan goods continue to impact consumer spending significantly. With consumers’ purchasing habits changing and many moving towards a sustainable lifestyle, consumers don’t want to purchase wasteful products but rather ones of use. What better way to do this than edibles?

Luxury food hampers are also a safe way to celebrate. Traditionally, many would opt to eat out on Mother’s Day, but with many people still cautious, at-home dining experiences are being elevated.

New Mums

First-time mums are overlooked on this holiday, but retailers can take advantage of this holiday by offering a personalised gifting experience for new mums. Things like personalised jewellery, custom photo frames of baby’s first picture, and pampering products like bath salts and candles will always be a winner. There is nothing a new mum wants more than a moment to herself and prioritising her mental health.

Personalised Packaging

We have always been incredibly proud of our luxury folding gift boxes, but since introducing a wide range of accessories, we love how our customers have taken their packaging to the next level. Some of the accessories that are popular over these special holidays include:

Photo Frames

Photo Frames are a unique new accessory that compliments our folding gift boxes by enabling you to add a photograph, printed product information, a company logo, or promotional message to the outside or outside lid of the gift box. Retailers can add all kinds of memories to the gift: a photo of loved ones, a recipe from Nana, or a poem that has been revered for generations. 

Birthstone Closures

We offer an inspiring range of decorative gift box closures that provide an innovative alternative to ribbon for our unique slot gift boxes. This range includes all birthstone gemstones to use as an eye-catching addition to keepsake boxes.

Every year, retailers worldwide use Mother's Day as a time to generate more sales. Most people adore their mothers and mother figures, so now is a great time to capitalise on this well-known fact. Browse our products to find some creative inspiration for Mother's Day. This year, from luxury boxes to gemstone closures, there is something to enhance and personalise the retail shopping experience.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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