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The days are getting longer, nights are getting warmer and everything seems to have a little more colour. That could only mean one thing - spring is right around the corner. Spring is like a breath of fresh air. It’s a time to be out with the old and in with the new. One of the great things about spring is that it gives us an opportunity to refresh and ‘spring clean’ different aspects of our lives. We’re all looking forward to a new hair-cut, a change from the same old jogging bottoms and slouchy top and the hope of seeing people on the horizon. Packaging is no different, now and again it needs a refresh.

In order to really plan a game changing revamp, you need to think differently. To help guide you, I’ll take you through some of the popular colour trends at the moment as well as different elements that you can change up to really inspire you to think out of the box when it comes to your packaging needs.

Dulux Colour of the Year

Earlier this year, Dulux announced theircolour of the year for 2021 to be Brave Ground. As a warm, natural and neutral shade of brown, Brave Ground sets the tone for the Earthy Colour Palette that defines present day design trends. It’s a nurturing and balancing colour, whose versatility allows other colours to shine. Think of it as the glue that puts everything together and brings attention to the colours that surround it. When it comes to your packing, it can be incorporated in many ways. You can choose a similar neutral brown box and embellish it with colourful accessories like bows or ribbons. Wrapping it up in aribbon roll is also a great way to embellish it without taking away from the neutral design. On the other hand, if you want to spruce up your packaging, you can go full contrast on bronze and decorate with agemstone closure.

Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year

TheBenjamin Moore Colour of The Year, Aegean Teal 2136-40, and respective colour palette of the year, is the embodiment of balance and comfort. From Atrium White OC-145 to Silhouette (AF-655), these muted shades radiate warmth and wellbeing. They put you at ease and give you a feeling of home. It’s no wonder after a year like 2020 that people would radiate towards a more comforting colour palette. Think of the afternoon sun's rays filtering through your bedroom window. Picture the linen sheets your fingers sweep across as you wake up from your afternoon nap. Imagine lighting the candle on your bedside with matches you found in the wooden bedside drawer and the warmth and comfort it engulfs you in. Now that’s the feeling you get from these colours. The great thing is you can incorporate these colours quite easily into your packaging and mix and match them as you please. Muted tones like these go together really well, so you could always go for a box that incorporates a shade similar to Aegean Teal while choosing a ribbon that’s similar to Rosy Peach. You can even choose a different shade for all the elements of your packaging that fall under this colour palette. 

Other Spring Colour Trends

By now we all know that bright colours are always a trend for Spring. This year Pantone named two shades as theirColour of The Year, namely Illuminating (yellow) 13-0647 and Ultimate Grey 17-5104. We can definitely expect to see the shade Illuminating pop up often in design choices now that it’s Spring. If you’re curious about Pantone’s Colour of The Year (As you should be) make sure to read our earlier post onHow to Incorporate Pantone’s Colours Into Your Packaging. Yellow is the colour of happiness and it will be great seeing more yellows around us to lift our spirit. You can incorporate yellows into your packaging in so many ways. Our Gold Luxury Gift Boxes are a brilliant shade of pearlescent matt lustre gold that have the added benefit of giving your packaging a luxurious look and feel. By no means do you have to go all out with gold to incorporate Illuminating, you can also choose from our different shades ofyellow ribbons or you can go for theYellow Diamond Gemstone Gift Box Closure for more of a subtle touch. 

More Ways to Incorporate These Colour Trends Into Your Packaging

While we’ve already mentioned some of the ways you can take advantage of these things, here are some products that are worth highlighting, that embody these trends and will make your packaging stand out from the rest this season:

Gold Metallic Smooth Dome Gift Box Closure 

If you’re following the Dulux Brave Ground trend, this is the idea gift box or keepsake accessory that works very nicely with all our luxuryslot gift boxes with changeable ribbon. It’s a shiny gold colour with a classic and elegant smooth metallic and a reflective surface.

Natural Kraft Photo Frames

This is also great for someone interested in the Dulux Brave Ground trend. These frames complement our folding gift boxes by enabling you to add a photograph, printed product information, a company logo, or promotional message to the outside or inside lids of the gift box.

Mallard 80cm Grosgrain Ribbon

If you’re looking for something a bit more inline with the Benjamin Moore Colour Pallette, this shade would suit you. Our high quality Mallard grosgrain ribbon fits all the giftboxes in our range ofslot gift boxes with changeable ribbon.

Lemon Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon

Last but not least, for the Pantone Illuminating fans, this bright yellow should do the trick. Our high quality Lemon Yellow grosgrain ribbon fits all of our giftboxes in the range ofslot gift boxes with changeable ribbon. This vibrant, bright and pretty yellow is ideal for cupcake bakery boxes or unisex baby gift hampers.

It’s 2021, your retail packaging has no excuse to be boring. Hop on to colour trends or choose what best suits you. Did you know, if you aren’t sure about the exact colours of our boxes, you could order aSwatch Card? That way you can confidently choose which option fits into the colour palette you’d like to embrace and spring clean your packaging with some new styles and colours.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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