Enjoy more choice with our new two part lift-off gift box design

We know you love our best-selling, easy-fold boxes as they make for fantastic gift and keepsake boxes that are well-suited to any business or need, which is why we are so excited to give you even more options! This month we are launching a different type of box that has a completely new way of fastening shut.



Our current boxes have a concealed magnetic snap shut closure that is completed with a changeable ribbon, while the new design is a more ‘traditional’ box with a lift off lid. The beauty of our folding boxes is that they lie completely flat and take up very little space, which is ideal if you run a business that requires many of these boxes and need to be ergonomic with your space. The problem with most traditional boxes with lift off lids is that they do not come as flat and foldable designs that you can make up as and when you need them.


This makes our folding lift off lid boxes so unique, as we have designed them so that the base of the box folds completely flat and the lid sits inside the base making it a very compact design that is easy to store together. We are launching our new box design in two colours, black and white, but it will not be long before we release them in multiple colours, to best suit your needs.

Here are some great benefits to using this new box design: 

Ideal for retail
Since the box lid can sit snugly under the base, this box is ideally suited for retail product display. You can show off the product without having to disrupt the aesthetics of the box.


Huge space saving
Enjoy the luxury of the traditional style, rigid box while not compromising on space. The box and lid fold completely flat so that they store away easily.


Mix and Match with Wave Boxes
We also have unique two-part Wave Boxes that offer great flexibility to mix and match the various lid colours with our three base colours. They are perfect to coordinate, contrast or compliment your brand or product colours.


Securely fastened
The base folds flat and has three concealed magnets on each long side with corresponding concealed magnets in the lid to affix the base and lid together.


If you’d like to try something new and get your hands on these folding lift off lid boxes, then get in contact with us.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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