The rise of sustainable product packaging in 2019

Companies have begun to realise the importance of having sustainable product packaging. With billions of tons of packaging waste filling up the landfills across the world, brands are looking for ways to make their packaging more eco-friendly. With moving over to sustainable packaging, companies can now build relationships with their like minded customers and get a better standing in the industry. Studies from as early as 2014 found that 81% of millennials expect their favourite companies to make public declarations of their corporate citizenship – simply put, people, millennials most of all, want the companies they buy from to practice sustainable and ethically-minded business.

Regardless of how small or big your business is, there are multiple options available to adopt a more sustainable packaging solution. Innovative packaging methods that can help your brand and the planet include:

Use recyclable materials and going natural
Sustainable packaging has become extremely popular and companies have realised that sustainable packaging can attract a niche consumer audience. Packaging that have been made from natural materials like recycled, virgin or dye-free paper prove to be gentle on the environment. You can also try and get rid of plastic and use natural resources, instead. At Foldabox, our boxes are made primarily from recycled grey board and can be recycled.

The simpler the packaging the better. Think recycled paper and plain black ink. Our beautiful Natural Kraft range of boxes are the perfect retail gift packaging solution for natural skincare and beauty products, organic and specialty gourmet food gift hampers. It’s also ideal for linen and natural fibre clothing and point of sale gift packaging. These boxes are made using recycled materials, fully recyclable and environmentally eco-friendly. You can even add Natural cotton ribbon as a light cream colour and the perfect addition to our Natural Kraft Gift Boxes for that fully eco-friendly finished gift presentation.

Consider unique, innovative, or high tech materials and trim the fat
You can consider using bioplastics, plant-based packaging peanuts, and rainforest-friendly paper that can help the environment with your packaging solutions. A large amount of waste occurs at the warehousing and retailer levels. You can also opt for custom packaging to preserve space and materials throughout the distribution process. Minimalist packaging is the new trend that provides a sleek, clean look that appeals to consumers, and at the same time sets you apart from heavier-packaged competition. With this consumers may gravitate towards your product thinking it provides better value as well.

Rethink your packaging
Many brands love shipping off their beautiful products to customers in large boxes, regardless of the product size. But what if we told you that smaller boxes not only look sleek, but are more sustainable? Depending on the product itself, you may find that a smaller and more appropriately sized box does the job. A simple method of arranging products differently can prove more sustainable with the need for less space and packaging extras. Our boxes come in a wide variety of sizes to suit your product needs.

How we are making a difference?

At Foldabox, our boxes are supplied folded flat. This reduces their carbon footprint dramatically compared to an equivalent sized rigid box because they take up a fraction of the storage space and minimal space with a courier to deliver them. They are ideally suited to small businesses where storage space is limited. Take up space storing your products, not packaging!

In addition, our boxes are not disposable, but they have a long cradle to grave lifespan because they are high quality and the end recipient can and will keep them. Even when they have served their initial purpose as a gift box, they can be used for all sorts of useful and attractive storage. Use them to keep make-up tidy or stationery and crafting materials. Use them in a children’s bedroom to keep small toys or store your greetings cards and gift tags, or even your love letters! In addition, they are so nice, there’s a very high chance that just like gift bags, they will be re-gifted several times!

Sustainable packaging may not be something that can be changed overnight, but it’s something worth striving towards and the long-term benefits are rewarding, from reducing your carbon footprint to increased sales.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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