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2 Colour Foil Blocking

Also known as foil printing, or hot foil stamping.

  • A process that uses heat and pressure to apply your logo or design with a very thin layer of pre-glued foil film to the surface of the gift box.
  • First, your logo or design is etched into a metal block (also known as a die, plate or stamp).
  • Each colour element of the logo requires a separate metal block.
  • 2 colour foil is exactly the same process as 1 colour foil, it’s just done twice!
  • The metal block is fixed into the foil blocking machine and heated to a high temperature.
  • Under pressure the metal block presses your selected foil film colour into the box surface in the shape of the etched design.
  • One colour is applied to all the boxes, the 1st colour block is then removed from the machine and is set up with the 2nd colour block for the 2nd foil colour to be applied.
  • Foil film is supplied on rolls and cut down to the required logo width from larger rolls.
  • Traditionally foil colours were commonly Gold or Silver but foils are available in a wide selection of colours, including matt finishes.
  • Foil is most commonly used and recommended if you want a metallic shiny effect to your logo and produces a premium quality finish.
  • Foils have their own colour references depending on the manufacturer. Kurz, Phillips Foils and Foilco are the most common foils used.
  • Foils are not supplied as Pantone colours but we can usually find a close workable match to a Pantone reference.
  • Foil is a solid colour, shading and half-tones cannot be achieved. Your logo will need to be modified to a solid colour if it normally includes shading.
  • Foil colours cannot touch or overlap because the process of applying the 2nd colour will lift the 1st colour off the box.
  • We can achieve quite tight registration between colours but some designs are not recommended or suitable for 2 colour foil.
  • Due to the application of heat and pressure, the logo is depressed slightly into the surface of the box.
  • Each box is printed individually by hand, this is not an automatic process and requires a skilled printer.


Example of Brass Dies

Example of Brass Dies


Example of Foil Rolls

Example of Foil Rolls

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