Decorate & Create Your Own Unique Gift Boxes

I had so much fun decorating these boxes for our gallery but honestly, I consider myself one up from 'all fingers and thumbs', so it really is easy! 

Whether you are a talented hobbyist with a vision of starting your own business creating unique gift and keepsake memento boxes, or you are a large established company looking to add custom designed boxes to your existing product range - we are sure our boxes will offer you the flexibility and profit margins you need. 

The possibilities are endless, whether you want to add simple names as personalised wedding or Christening memento boxes, or you want to create one-off elaborate works of art! 

Our boxes sit very well alongside your own hand-decorated greetings cards. We'd love to see how you add that personal touch so please be sure to send us your photos so we can feature them here on our News page. Have fun and let your imagination run wild! 

Nicole Hines
CEO Fold-A-Box

Mark Margaretten
Mark Margaretten