Get ahead of your competitors and start planning for Christmas retail season

Savvy British shoppers are looking to prepare for Christmas 2019 by starting their Christmas shopping much earlier than usual. Research shows that in 2018, 18% of consumers finished their Christmas shopping at the end of October. But what does this mean for retailers? If you’re hoping to attract consumers over the festive season, it’s important to start marketing your products immediately. With more and more consumers to finish their shopping earlier this year, you cannot afford to be behind.

Besides wanting to shop earlier for Christmas gifts, what else do consumers look out for?

As consumers continue to pick experiences over purchasing items, retailers enter a new age of experiential retail, John Viccars, director of strategy at brand consultancy RPM, said 2019 would be a pivotal year for this trend. He said consumers were not just looking to walk into a shop and purchase something, especially when they can just do that online from home. Instead, they want experience. “Retailers will need to revolutionise their retail spaces and make them experience-led,” Viccars said. We love how adding a personal touch to your packaging can offer customers that experience. This can be achieved through printing. Visit our printing section to learn more about how you can enhance your packaging.

Conscious consumerism
Consumers are becoming extremely conscious of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. The ban on plastic is a popular one, and rightfully so. UK consumers will also be actively focussed on engaging with brands that are both eco-friendly and transparent in their operations. For this we highly recommend our Natural Kraft range. Natural kraft is the perfect retail gift packaging solution for natural skincare and beauty products, organic and specialty gourmet food gift hampers. The boxes are made from using recycled materials, fully recyclable and environmentally eco-friendly. At Foldabox, our boxes are supplied folded flat. This reduces their carbon footprint dramatically compared to an equivalent sized rigid box because they take up a fraction of the storage space and minimal space with a courier to deliver them. They are ideally suited to small businesses where storage space is limited. Take up space storing your products, not packaging!

Online Sales
Consumers are moving to online shopping. As a channel, it offers holiday shoppers convenience and speed of purchase. A large amount of Foldabox customers purchase our boxes for hampers. Hamper boxes are incredibly clever and offer all the extra space needed for your products. They give your products a more luxurious presentation, especially with the variety of box options available. They are the ideal luxury retail gift packaging for food and wine hampers, vintage clothing, handbags, soft furnishings, wedding and baby gifts. Read more about choosing the perfectly sized boxes for your hampers here.

With October just around the corner, it's crucial that you begin marketing your products for Christmas before consumers finish their shopping. If you’re looking for the perfect packaging solutions, please browse our website -

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines


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