It’s easier than ever to keep your brand's packaging relevant and modern

It can be difficult keeping your branding and product packaging relevant in the modern business world, because trends are changing all the time. The trick is to keep changing up your brand so that you don’t lose touch with the going fashions. The easiest way to do this without reinventing your actual product is simply by updating your product packaging.

We’ve made it convenient and easy for business owners in retail, culinary, photography, event planning, and many more, by providing a product that stacks flat and is simple to construct. The end-products build up into high quality and stylish boxes in multiple colours, shapes and sizes with a wide range of complimentary ribbon colours.

This is why we are excited every time we have something new to offer our customers, who rely on us to make updating their brand a little bit easier. This year we are kicking off with new items in pink and blue!

What’s new in blue?

Our new dusky, powder blue box is a totally different hue to our existing blue box; the inspiration for this divine colour was actually taken from the Pantone Colour of the Year, Serenity. This colour is very versatile, but will work exceptionally well for baby hampers, however if paired with a black ribbon it becomes ideal for lingerie, cupcakes, clothing and beauty products. This new colour comes in various sizes and styles.

Now also available separately is the blue and white gingham ribbon, quickly becoming a firm favourite for hampers and gift boxes. It perfectly matches the new Serenity Pale blue boxes, however looks stunning with silver, white and black boxes.

What’s new in Pink?

Everybody knows that you have to have a pink for every blue, so we brought out a new dusky blush pink box that compliments our new Serenity Pale Blue gift boxes. This colour was also inspired by the Pantone Colour of the Year, namely Rose Quartz. It is also ideal for baby hampers and keepsake boxes, however when paired with black ribbon it also becomes more versatile for other purposes. This new colour comes in various sizes and styles.

Of course we had to bring out a matching pink and white gingham ribbon for these boxes, and just like the new Serenity Pale Blue boxes it is ideal for gift boxes and hampers. But you don’t have to match it with this box, it also compliments the silver, white and black boxes.

We hope you enjoy our new Pink and Blue products; let us know if these are what you were looking for by getting in contact via our website.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines