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Digital Printing

Digital Print Machine

Also known as full colour, four colour process, or CMYK

  • Digital printing is for the reproduction of photographs, multi-colour graphics, or logos that have shades, tones, graduations and fine details.
  • Digital printing works best on white or ivory boxes. Some designs, but not all, can be printed onto black boxes. We will help you with this decision after we see your artwork or proposed design.
  • It can also be used for 2 colours if registration is very tight, or the design requires shading that cannot be achieved with screen or foil print methods.
  • Digital print requires your graphics be in a CMYK format. It cannot use RGB images. Check with your designer for help with this.
  • CMYK means the image is only made up of 4 colours, Cyan (blue), Magenta (pink/red), Yellow and Key = Black.
  • All images can be reproduced by layering and overlapping tiny dots of these 4 colours. You can see these tiny dots if you look at a digital print through a magnifying glass. The dots cannot be seen by the naked eye and instead you see the dots as a solid colour and a complete image.
  • A digital print machine is similar to your office inkjet printer, but much larger and far more expensive. It uses the same four ink colours but is much more sophisticated.
  • If your multi-colour image uses Pantone colours we can usually achieve a close match if you specify them as the target colours.
  • Each box is printed individually. The gift box is loaded into the machine one at a time and aligned precisely so that your image appears exactly as you’d like.
  • Each digital print project requires that the machine be set up and calibrated for your design, so there is a one-time cost, called ‘origination’.
  • Digital print does not use physical plates or screens.


Linen Tester and CMYK Colours

Linen Tester and CMYK Colours

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