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Printing Type: 2 Colour Screen

2 Colour Screen

Also known as silk screen printing.

  • A process that uses liquid ink pushed through a mesh screen to apply colour in the shape of your logo to the surface of the gift box.

  • Screen printing enables specific Pantone colour matching.

  • It is a good option if your logo or design covers a large surface area of the box lid, or your logo colour is very important to your brand.

  • Screen printing uses matt finish inks. Metallic Pantone inks can be used but they do not achieve a true metallic finish in the same way foil does.

  • The colour of the box can affect the outcome colour of the print, true colour matching is best achieved on lighter colour boxes.

  • Your design must be solid colour, no shades, graduations or tints.

  • The colours must not be touching and ideally not overlapping.

  • Some designs are not suitable for 2 colour screen printing due to tight registration and we may recommend digital printing instead once we see your artwork.