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We get really excited when we enter a new month, simply because it means a focus on new birthstones! The month of August, the zodiac of Leo, brings us the Peridot and Spinel as birthstones.

Peridot Gemstone

The Peridot is a yellowish-green to greenish-yellow gem. It is mined in places like Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam and the United States, some even journeyed to earth on meteorites! This luscious green colour is thought to bring good fortune and is connected with the heart chakra bringing openness and positive energy. It was worn throughout centuries as a protective talisman, shielding the owner from evil spirits and “terrors of the night.” Peridot, with it's signature lime green color, is believed to instill power and influence in the wearer. Using the Peridot birthstone closures for your care hampers this month will definitely add that extra personal touch.

Throughout history, Peridot has often been confused with other gems such as topaz and Emerald, the Red Sea Island was even mistakenly called Topazios when actually they later found that it was Peridot they were mining. It’s even said that they suspect that Cleopatra’s famous Emerald collection was actually made of Peridot. Very interesting! It is also the official gem of the 16th Wedding Anniversary.

Peridot Gemstone Gift Box Closure

The Peridot (lime green) coloured decorative gemstone button closure from Foldabox is pre-threaded with green elastic cord loop and is the ideal August Birthstone gift box accessory that works very nicely with White, Ivory, Black, Silver, Pewter, Navy, Copper, Rose Gold and Bronzeslot gift boxes with changeable ribbon.

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Spinel Gemstone

Peridot is the most traditional of the birthstones as it was the original gem that represents the month of August. However, in recent years, Spinel gemstones have become the latest and most recent stone to represent the month of August! Predominantly found and mined in Southeast Asia, Spinel has also been found in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Nepal, and many other warm countries around the world. In astrology, the Spinel is regarded as the stone of compassion and is worn to balance the heart chakra. The name “Spinel” comes from the Latin wordspina, which means thorn, in reference to the shape of spinel crystals. Throughout ancient history, Spinel has been mistaken for rubies and sapphires due to its similar color traits of vibrant reds and pinks. Spinel is available in a brilliant range of colors and is believed to protect the owner from harm and soothe away sadness. Something that is much needed during these crazy and unsettling times. It will make the perfect addition to care hampers especially because of its unique meaning.

Fun Fact: In 1398 a massive “Ruby” was given to Tamerlane, a ruler in India and through centuries, was passed down to Emperor Shah Jahan of India, who built the Taj Mahal. Years later it was identified as one of the largest red spinels ever known.

Another Fun Fact: Today, this historic red spinel is set in Great Britain’s Imperial State Crown, just above the 317.40 ct Cullinan II diamond.

Pink Spinel Gemstone Gift Box Closure

The Pink Spinel (bright hot pink) decorative gemstone button closure from Foldabox is pre-threaded with a bright pink elastic cord loop. It is the ideal August Birthstone gift box or keepsake box accessory that works very nicely with White, Ivory, Black, Silver, Pewter, Navy, Pale Blue, Pale Pink and Bronzeslot gift boxes with changeable ribbon.

Shop the Pink Spinel Gemstone Gift Box Closure

Shop the Pink Spinel Heart Gemstone Gift Box Closure

So, if your retail packing could do with some personalisation, we highly recommend these birthstones for the month of August. Make sure you tag us on social media.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines

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