How to get noticed according to these vibrant 2017 colour trends

Vogue broke in this year by announcing that the Spring/Summer 2017 colour trends included “eye-popping fuchsia, zingy yellow and tropical green”. All vibrant and trendy colours that found their way into statement pieces in fashion, decor, and retail. Cast your mind to the last time you didn’t see a lone, sunshine yellow, ceramic pineapple in a shop window or a funky, pink, inflatable flamingo in the urban garden scene. It was playful, and suited Spring and Summer superbly well, however predictable that bright colours suit active, hotter seasons...

There was one big surprise that took us all aback, and that was the major comeback of the most underrated colour, orange. It found it's way back from the flare-bottom pants of 70’s Woodstock to dominate in every wardrobe and retail window in 2017.

Where bright shines best
There’s a reason why a splash of hot pink ribbon on a velvety black box screams luxury and playfulness at the same time. The same way a bright orange touch to a dark brown box might make the chocolates inside it seem even more delectable... There’s a science behind it.

Kissmetrics shared these statistics on the psychology of colour in retail: 85% of shoppers place colour as a primary reason why they chose to buy a particular product. This is why how you package your product is so important, it could be the only thing standing between a consumer choosing your product over a competitor's.

However, there is a balance to strike when it comes to vibrant colours. Remember to always try to highlight, rather than overpower your product. Be careful not to drown out what you're selling by immersing it in too much colour!

Orange is the new black
It’s not just a trending, hit TV series, it’s also the sentiment (and colour) that dominated this year’s New York Fashion Week with every hue from earth tones to sunset oranges. The good news is that you can now add orange to your favourite Foldabox boxes!

We now have the orange grosgrain ribbon available, which you can add to any of our changeable ribbon boxes or you can use our orange lids for the Black and Kraft Wave box bases. Other bold colours available are Hot Pink, Bright Red, Lemon Yellow, Misty Turquoise and Cobalt Blue. Take a look at our wide range of coloured changeable ribbons.  

Whatever your fancy, you can find it here at Foldabox.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines