A recent study shows foils and laminates could be the future of luxury packaging

A recent study at Clemson University highlighted the impact on the buying decision of consumers of foils and laminates on packaging. As it turns out, consumers showed a definite preference for luxury chocolate packs that were encased in packaging that had been foiled or laminated.

The study was carried out using state-of-the-art eye-tracking glasses which 70 participants wore to record their eye movements while they selected products from a shelf. The researchers were then able to analyse the participants’ behaviour and purchasing decisions.

Basically, consumers’ eyes were drawn for longer periods of time to packaging that was foiled or laminated rather than traditional metallic or paper packaging. It was proven that the foils can significantly boost sales of items in a retail store environment and is definitely the future of luxury packaging.

There is are so many products and brands to compete with out there, so why not have science on your side? Take a look at your branding and consider a refresh. See where you can add some foils to your packaging to ensure that yours is the only product anybody has eyes for!

Bring foils into your branding

Yes, we can help you embrace this trend! At Foldabox we make it easy to add your own logo or printed design to our stock boxes, to create your own unique branded gift box. We offer multiple forms of printing including the very popular foil blocking and tone on tone foil blocking, such as these black on black examples.

Foil blocking (hot foil stamping)

The advantage to Foil Blocking is that foil is a solid and completely opaque coloured film layer and if applied to a coloured box, the box colour does not affect the outcome print colour.

It is possible to achieve a very shiny metallic print effect and even intricate detail is achievable. Foil also doesn’t have to be shiny, there are many matte options too. There will definitely be a foil design that can suit your needs, so make sure your products don’t get overlooked the next time they’re on the shelf!

We’ve made it extremely easy to enquire about our custom printing, take a look at our sample gallery and fill in the form to make an enquiry.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines